Urban Legends

Urban Legends

Monster Legends brings you the best Urban Legends from around the world. We will give you all the facts and information. Post all pictures related to the real urban legend.

This topic Urban Legend, uncovers lots of strange but fun subject matter. This helps greatly in the production of content that we bring to you.

Real Urban Legends

Further down the page you will find the Urban Legends you have been looking for. Some of these Urban Legends are real and some may be made up, see if you can tell the real from the fake.

Urban Legend Pictures & Stories.

Picture Of A Real Mummified Person Below.

TheĀ Urban LegendĀ that surrounds the picture above taken at: Nu-Pike Amusement Park in Long Beach, California, USA.

This is a prop that was used at a carnival haunted house to scare the customers that entered, children would laugh and poke at the life size mummified prop. Adults would comment on how real it looked.

But this was to be no ordinary prop made up of wax or papier mache, no! It was a real mummified man made of skin and bone.

This fact only came to life when a doctor his wife and child entered the haunted house back in 1976. The first thing he became suspect of was the smell, then as he examined the mummified man more closely, he discovered that the skin on the mummy had hairs on it’s arms.

He and his family abruptly left the haunted house, then contacted the authorities of his findings.

The doctor was proved correct, it was a real mummified man.


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